Investment in the community, by the community, for the community

We're losing our high street.  Do you want it back?

You could turn around the fortunes of Ham Parade, support local good causes and earn a better return than sticking your money in a savings account.  Interested?  Find out more.

Over the last two years, we’ve lost our bank, our butchers and our greengrocers.  The butchers and greengrocers were perfectly profitable businesses.  They were forced to close by landlords seeking higher rents.  Which of our much-loved independent shops will go next?  Signing petitions and writing to the local MP haven’t saved other high streets across the country and they won’t save ours.  The only way to guarantee that we get the businesses we want on Ham Parade is if we join together and buy one of the buildings.  If we are the landlord then we have the final say.

Register your interest and come along to a community meeting at Fernhill Primary School, 7-9pm, 1st March.  Find out more.